With the election and winter behind us, the property market is once again set to spring into action.  Increased buyer activity, improved market conditions and stronger competition means those seeking a top price for their property have to work extra hard to catch buyers’ attention.

According to Lyn Petrohilos, Principal, money can be made with plants, shrubs and trees, especially with Spring in the air. So, now is the time for seeds to be sown and money to take root.

“Home owners should never underestimate the importance of landscaping a property to maximise the value of their home,” Lyn said.

“Street appeal, especially landscaping, has the potential to add up to 10 per cent, or more, to an achievable sale price of a property.

“Make first impressions count starting from the letterbox. Make sure fences, gutters, paths and gardens are well maintained and make the right type of statement about your property.

“Then, stand at the front of your yard where a potential buyer will first set eyes on your property and cast a critical eye over it to see what improvements can be made.”

Lyn says a rule to remember is to keep things simple, allowing buyers to feel they can add their own touch to a garden.

According to Lyn, more and more buyers are seeking native drought tolerant gardens, which are best planted in springtime.  But, she cautions, make sure you know your product.

“Design the garden for the market you are selling to.  If it’s a family home, make sure there is plenty of room and grass, for the kids to run around.”

Cottage gardens with flowering shrubs and long blooming perennials are great for country style homes, while desert type plants finished with pebbles or river rocks are an excellent way to finish a Mediterranean style property.

Another tip, Lyn said is to add colour, which can be added with the use of flowers and foliage plants, and tend to suit more contemporary homes.

“Your local garden centre is the best place to go for advice on the types of plants that will suit the positioning and soil type in the local area,” Lyn said.

“Colour is also an excellent means of creating or reflecting moods.

“Softer cool colours such as blue, lavender and pink are ideal for relaxing areas of the garden, while yellow is a happy colour and provides a welcoming vista for visitors.

“Reds and oranges are perfect for tropical gardens and in areas generally used for family fun and high activity.”

An effective, yet inexpensive, way of sprucing up a garden is weeding, trimming and edging, applying a layer of mulch to finish it off and clearing away unsightly eyesores and toys.

“Mulch immediately neatens up the garden and is especially useful on sites that have not been particularly well prepared or where the ground is a little uneven,” Lyn said.

“For an immediate tidy up, mow the lawn, pressure-clean paths and the outside of the house and put away belongings or children’s toys.”

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Issued by: First National Real Estate

For further information contact Lyn Petrohilos, Principal, First National Real Estate Bribie Island on 3408 7000